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Employment Litigation

If you find yourself in a dispute with your employer, it can be an extremely difficult time.  Not least because employers will oftentimes have more resources in any dispute so this can seem like your employer has the ‘upper hand’.

Our employment team has considerable experience working for employees in resolving their issues with their employers.  We can offer advice in order to resolve a dispute amicably, perhaps by way of a compromise agreement (see our section on Compromise Agreements).

Employment Litigation SolicitorAlternatively, if the relationship between the parties has become overly contentious we will adopt an equally vigourous approach and can assist you in bringing your matter to the Employment Tribunal

Furthermore, we can also offer you a range of funding options that will be tailor made to your particular circumstances. If you are concerned about the costs in relation to resolving disputes with your employer or bringing a claim at the Tribunal, we will endeavour to alleviate your concerns by giving you full and frank advice in relation to costs in taking your matter forward.

It is important to be aware that in all claims at the Tribunal the time limits for submitting your claim are extremely tight so you should contact us without delay if you believe you may have a claim against your current/ex employer.

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March 8, 2016

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Constructive Dismissal

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Constructive dismissal occurs if you are forced to resign because your employer has breached employment law or contravened important terms of your employment contract. You, the employee may find it impossible to stay in your position. Before making such an important decision, employees should seek legal advice. Our experienced team offers expert advice on what to do if you find your position at work untenable, what to do in this situation and how to be compensated as a result. Call us now to discuss.


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Employees can face discrimination in the workplace. Discrimination exists in many forms. The Equality Act 2010 protects employees from discrimination in the workplace. If you find that you are discriminated against at work as a result of your age, gender, sex, race, religion, sexual orientation or for any other reason, our specialized team will advise you on your potential claim and represent you in any Tribunal proceedings.


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Redundancy is when you lose your job not because of anything that you have done but simply because your employer needs to reduce its personnel. There are strict guidelines that your employers must follow and you enjoy certain employment rights which must be respected. If you feel that your employer has not followed the law in terms of the procedure used for your redundancy, you may be able claim for unfair dismissal. Saracens employment experts will review the entire procedure with you and advise if you have grounds to bring a claim. Contact us now for comprehensive advice.

Transfers of Business

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When a business is transferred to a new owner, employers must protect the rights of employees by following strict rules set out in the TUPE regulations. This involves ensuring employees are kept up to date on information concerning the transfer. At Saracens, our employment team will advise you of your options and assist in issuing a claim for compensation if your rights have been breached.

Unfair Dismissal

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Unfair dismissal occurs when an employer dismisses an employee without providing a fair reason for doing so and without following a fair procedure. Claims of unfair dismissal can be expensive to defend and even more costly if the tribunal decides in favour of the employee. Our specialist employment team will conduct a thorough assessment of the circumstances surrounding (or leading up to) the dismissal with a view to ascertaining whether the dismissal would be considered unfair. Our team will then advise you on the best course to action to take, strategically, taking into consideration both commercial and financial factors.

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