Project & Asset Based Finance.

Whether you are involved with running a company wishing to acquire a big ticket asset, a joint venture embarking on a capital-intensive infrastructure project or a commercial lender, Saracens Solicitors have the expertise and commercial knowledge to advise you on project and asset based finance.

Our commercial team has experience across a range of sectors and can provide sound, solid advice on obtaining or lending asset or project based finance on a one to one basis and/or situations where there are multiple borrowers and lenders to a particular transaction or venture.

We also provide multi-jurisdictional know how of the commercial and legal ins and outs of project and asset based financing. Our services include:

Due Diligence

If you are lending on asset based security or relying on the internally generated cash-flow of a project to repay a loan it is imperative that you conduct thorough due diligence in order to protect your company’s money and interests. Likewise, companies wishing to use asset or project based financing to raise capital need to perform thorough due diligence on the lending institution or bank to ensure they are embarking on the right deal with an organisation who will assist with their expansion and growth.

All our commercial solicitors pride themselves on their knowledge of how to prepare and conduct accurate and comprehensive due diligence, saving you time and money in professional fees in the long run.

Preparation or Negotiation of Finance Documentation

Depending on the complexity and scale of the transaction in question, entirely new documentation may need to be drafted for certain asset and project based financing agreements. At Saracens Solicitors we provide our clients with astute, accurate documentation, which cover all bases and ensure no details, large or small, are missed in the initial negotiations.

Advice on Sale and Purchase of Receivables

Otherwise known as factoring, this form of finance offers the benefit of quickly delivered cash flow. We advise both sellers and purchasers of any possible problems they may encounter with the company they chose to work with and draft watertight contracts to ensure costly disputes are avoided.

Advice on Finance Leasing and Hire Purchase

We can assist you with negotiating favourable terms on new lease and hire purchase agreements as well as structuring your tax obligations regarding the leasing of equipment, vehicles and/or machinery.

Assistance with Loan/Lease Structures

Structuring your loan or lease in a way that will meet your commercial needs is vital, especially if there are multiple parties to the financial transaction. Our solicitors have years’ of combined experience in the management of loans and leases and will provide clear, concise advice on how best to design your organisation’s agreements. To talk with us further about project and asset based financing issues please phone our London office on 020 3588 3500 or request a call back and we will be in touch in a manner convenient to you.