Employment Contract
Our employment team will define and break down the terms of a contract whether you are negotiating a contract, seeking a way out of the contract or advise you if you or your employer are in breach of that contract.
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Compromise Agreement, Employment - Saracens Solicitors
Compromise Agreement
A compromise agreement is a contract in which an employee or former employee accepts compensation in exchange for dropping all claims against an employer. We can determine whether the terms of the agreement are fair, and help negotiate in your interests.
Constructive Dismissal
When an employer breaches an important term of the employment contract, leaving the employee with no choice but to resign, it is considered a Constructive Dismissal. We offer expert advice on what to do if you find your position at work untenable, and how to be compensated as a result.
Constructive Dismissal, Employment - Saracens Solicitors
Redundancy, Employment - Saracens Solicitors
Your employer is required to follow some strict procedures if he intends on making your job redundant. If they have failed to do so, it is likely that you will have a claim for unfair dismissal. In certain circumstances, you could also be entitled to compensation.
If you are discriminated against at work as a result of your age, gender, sex, race, religion, sexual orientation or for any other reason, our specialised team will advise you on your potential claim and represent you in any Tribunal proceedings
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Wrongful Termination, Employment - Saracens Solicitors
Wrongful Termination / Unfair Dismissal
If you believe that you have been unfairly dismissed, we can advise you regarding your claim for unfair dismissal, as well as the chances of success, the compensation that could be awarded to you and we can also assist you in proceeding to the Employment Tribunal.

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