Company Law.

Saracens has built up a strong commercial team who can help at various stages of a business’ life cycle. We place great emphasis on not only working for you but also with you to ensure your specific needs and objectives are met. Whether your matter is setting up a limited company, a merger or acquisition or the day to day running of a company, the experienced commercial team will be able to assist at every stage.

Advice on Corporate Governance / Memorandum / Articles of Association

Companies incorporated in England are governed by the Companies Act as well as their own constitutional documents (i.e. the memorandum / articles of association). As a company grows or when corporate restructuring occurs changes may be required which should only be undertaken by solicitors specialising in company law. Ultimately this will save the company money in the long run. Connect with us today to discuss your requirements.

Changing Face of UK Employment Contracts

Employment legislation in the UK is constantly changing with obligations on employers ever increasing. Alongside these legislative changes the work environment has evolved significantly with employee demographic now more diverse. Technological advances have also resulted in many working remotely from home or at varying locations. In the service sector particularly, there is an increasing value attributed to client data / contact and intellectual property. All these factors and more mean regularising matters via a properly drafted employment contract(s) is very important. The team at Saracens have extensive experience and will gladly discuss matters whether you are an employer or employee.

Directors’ Service Contracts and Directors’ Duties

Diffusing board management disputes between directors and shareholders can be a stressful and distressing time. Often disputes arise where parties are ill advised. Understanding this is critical. We always advise our client directors on their legal rights and obligations, considering the long term impact on the company, the other directors and also the shareholders. Ranging from regularising roles and responsibilities via service contracts to providing a breakdown report on fiduciary obligations is part and parcel of what our company commercial solicitors do.

Incorporation of Companies and Other Business Start Ups

Shareholders and directors of business start-ups often restrict themselves to thinking about the bigger picture, missing the all important finer detail with regards company formation. This can in the long run result in additional costs being incurred and in a worst case scenario, disputes between the parties due to poor corporate structuring. To get it right, seek professional advice at the onset from experienced company commercial solicitors.

Shareholders’ Agreement and Company Secretarial Duties

Our company commercial solicitors have, over the years, drafted countless shareholder agreements for a huge variety of companies. It goes without saying, regularising the position between shareholders ] early is critical if disputes and disruption to the company is to be avoided. Our specialist commercial team have fine tuned the process and will ensure you consider the issues that are often ignored such as early shareholder exit, dispute resolution, voting rights (if any) and so on.