Crypto Legal Opinion Solicitors.

Crypto Legal Opinion

You are often required to seek a legal opinion letter before you list a token on a regulated cryptocurrency exchange. The legal opinion is used to verify that the token has undergone technical analysis and that any associated documentation and material has also been classified.

As experts in this field, Saracens can conduct a thorough analysis of the structure and features of the token, along with the details of the project and proposed sale to ensure it meets legal requirements and the right level of protection.

How our service works

To ensure your project can be launched without any unnecessary legal delays, our crypto legal opinion solicitors will:

  • Undertake a thorough analysis of the project and the associated material and documentation
  • Form a legal opinion on the nature of the token based on our findings
  • Identify any risks that we believe exists within the project at this stage

Our analysis combines the expertise of technical and legal professionals to produce a comprehensive report. This details the final classification of the token in accordance with recommended FCA guidelines.

Professional and expert advice

When it comes to crypto legal opinions, it pays to work with solicitors who have the relevant experience in this area of law. Cryptocurrency is a relatively new form of finance and the legal requirements for selling tokens are complex, so to minimise your risk and afford yourself the right level of protection, you should verify that the company are a suitable fit.

As crypto legal opinion solicitors, Saracens can give you peace of mind that you will receive a legal opinion that works for you and your investors, using our in-depth knowledge to support the success of your project.

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