Drafting a Will allows you to exercise some control over your estate and ensure that your loved ones get what you wish to leave them after you pass on. It is equally important to ensure your tax liabilities are as low as legitimately possible. Together with specialist external tax advisors we draft your Will in accordance with appropriately planned tax efficient arrangements. Contact one of our experts for practical advice.

Wills Factsheet
Shari’ah Wills Factsheet

When you die, there are a number of legal implications and processes that must be followed.

Everyone should have a will drafted in order to determine what will happen to their property after you die. This ensures your instructions will be followed and those that are left behind are looked after as you intend.

A will enables you to decide and direct what will happen to your money, property and possessions upon your death. Without a will, the law will decide who should take control of your affairs and how your assets will be distributed. This is particularly important if you are not married but living with a partner as the law does not always recognise partners as having equal rights as husbands/wives. Not having a will may also lead to disputes within your family over who should receive what.

Saracens can draft a comprehensive will on your behalf which will provide you with peace of mind that your property will be looked after in the way you want it to be.

We can work alongside external tax advisors and ensure that if your estate is valued beyond the current inheritance tax threshold, that your assets are distributed as tax efficiently as possible.

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