Compromise Agreement.

In the event that you and your employer have a dispute for any reason, or they unfairly dismiss you, or discriminate against you in any way, you may wish to sue your employer. To protect themselves, an employer will sometimes ask an aggrieved employee who is leaving their employment or otherwise raised any issue, to sign a ‘Compromise Agreement’ and in return they will pay you compensation.

Sign a Compromise Agreement

If your employer is asking you to sign a Compromise Agreement, you must seek advice from an expert solicitor immediately. The reason for this is that if you sign a compromise agreement you will be signing away your rights to sue your employer.

If you have been given a compromise agreement by your employer, please call us without delay. We will make sure that the terms of the agreement are favourable to you, we will explain the terms of the agreement to you and also make sure that the compensation payment you are receiving is fair in light of what you could receive if you made a claim at the Tribunal. Furthermore, we can also negotiate with your employer to obtain a higher compensation payment for you. Your employer will usually pay a contribution to your legal fees, so there is no reason not to seek advice.

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