Estate Planning, Wills & Probate.

Asset Protection Planning

Asset protection planning involves legally safeguarding your assets from your creditors. Our specialised team are able to advise you on different options about how to protect your assets including the use of offshore structures and the setting up of varying trusts.

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney allows an individual to authorise another to carry out a number of private or commercial matters on their behalf. We help tailor these documents to your specific needs and advise you on any limitations necessary for your own protection.

Probate and Estate Administration

We assist with the administration of a person’s estate. We also assist executors to obtain probate or acquire letters of administration to allow them to deal with and distribute the estate of the deceased. We also advise if inheritance tax is payable


Saracens can draft a comprehensive will on your behalf which will enable you to decide and direct what will happen to your money, property and possessions upon your death. Without a will, the law decides how your assets are divided.

Crypto Wills & Trusts

If you trade in cryptocurrencies and want them to form part of your will, you need to consider how your current inheritance planning can include this digital form of cash. Without the right protection in place for beneficiaries, the money could remain inaccessible and wrapped up in legal complications for years to come.

Saracens Solicitors are experts in will writing and are ideally placed to help you put in place a strong will that incorporates cryptocurrency. From crypto wills to crypto trusts, we ensure your future plans can move forward without complication.