Holiday Accidents.

If you have been injured while abroad, we will make you aware of your rights and help you make a claim for damages. Saracens are experienced at providing advice in a range of areas: Package holidays, overseas road traffic accidents, accidents by air and at sea, injury caused by faulty hotel equipment or accidents that occur inside hotels. Contact us to discuss how we can help you make the right claim.

Why Should You Choose Saracens as Your Preferred Solicitor?

  • Trusted and experienced
  • We are ready to help you now
  • Maximum compensation guranteed

At Saracens Solicitors we aim to ensure that you receive comprehensive legal advice on this often complicated area of law. We do not make a drama out of a ruined holiday. We can provide legal advice on the following areas:

  • Package holidays.
  • Road traffic accidents overseas.
  • Accidents by air.
  • Accidents by sea.
  • Injuries caused by faulty equipment in hotels.
  • Accidents caused by falls, trips and slips inside hotels on holiday.

You may have been injured whilst travelling to your holiday, when on an aeroplane, on a cruise by sea or on a tour bus. Sometimes, you could be at a hotel when a piece of equipment falls on you or if there is defective flooring. We shall ensure that we advise you on your rights and the process involved in making your claim. Our legal team has the expertise to successfully argue your dispute. Very often, the cases do settle after a reasoned argument.

If an accident occurs when you have booked your holiday through a booking agency, it is likely that you can recover your compensation for your injury, lost income, loss of enjoyment of your trip. We recommend that you speak to the tour operator on site and complete and accident report book and contact us immediately that you are aware that you have been injured.

We will offer you guidance on the applicable law and correct level of compensation to ensure that you are not under compensated.