Crypto Tax & Regulation.

Crypto Tax & Regulation

Managing your taxes can be complicated and stressful at the best of times, and if you trade in cryptocurrency, you may be unsure whether it should be declared. HMRC have stated that profits made on cryptocurrency investments are liable for taxation, so whether you are an individual or a business, this is something that now needs to be considered.

Saracens can discuss your options and process any tax disclosures you intend to make to HMRC. Our finance solicitors will help your asset remain as tax efficient as possible, while always ensuring you are compliant.

Types of crypto tax

Crypto tax works in a similar way to regular forms of taxation. Depending on whether you are a business or an individual you could be liable to pay:

  • Corporation tax
  • Income tax
  • Capital gains tax

Laws and regulations relating to cryptocurrencies are changing all the time, so it is important you remain up to date with the latest developments. Working with an experienced legal firm like Saracens ensures you receive timely advice that enables you to make informed decisions that can benefit your portfolio.

Who we can help

As cryptocurrency solicitors with vast experience helping both private individuals and businesses, we can ensure that your matters are up to date with current tax requirements:

  • Individual investors: Whether you are involved with trading, investing, arbitrage exchanges or margin training, we’ll make sure your affairs are tax efficient and fully up to date.
  • Businesses investors: Our team help to keep your business aware of your tax obligations and offer specialist advice on any crypto-related investments that may need to be declared.

The crypto landscape is forever changing, and new taxation laws and regulations are always being updated. Saracens bridge the divide between these areas to keep you informed and in the best possible position for your finances.

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