Power of Attorney.

A Power of attorney allows an individual to make decisions and carry out actions on another person’s behalf. The attorney appointed may have free rein over your affairs or the power may be limited. Our experienced team are able to tailor these documents to your specific needs and advise you on any limitations necessary for your own protection. Contact us and for expert advice or if you want us to draft a power of attorney for you.

Lasting Power of Attorney Factsheet

A power of attorney is a powerful document that allows an individual to authorise another to carry out a number of matters on their behalf. It may be used for both commercial purposes as well as private matters. You can authorise a person to have conduct over all of your affairs or you can authorise a person to have conduct for a limited period and over limited matters.
As an example, you can authorise a person to act on a sale of your property and execute all associated documents.

There are many types of power of attorney, of which an enduring power and lasting power are commonly used. An ordinary power of attorney authorises a person to manage a person’s affairs on a temporary basis. The lasting power of attorney is used when a person is unable to handle their affairs for example due to ill health or mental incapacity. Given the wide scope of this power, it is subject to a number of formalities and certainly professional advice should be sought if one is required.

We have a wealth of experience in drafting these types of documents incorporating your exact requirements. We can advise you on any limitations which should be considered and draft accordingly. Furthermore, we have experience in drafting such documents for use overseas and have membership with the various Embassies facilitating a fast track service where legalisation is required.