Employment Litigation.

In light of complex and often prescriptive employment legislation, together with increasing levels of compensation being paid out in discrimination claims, never before has it been more important to protect your business against financially crippling employment disputes.


All businesses must comply with discrimination law, regardless of their size or practice area. It is imperative that businesses obtain specialist legal advice, as discrimination law is complex and can affect all functions of the business. Claims of discrimination can be made by both existing employees and potential employees. At Saracens, we provide tailored advice to businesses of all sizes and backgrounds to ensure their processes and procedures are compliant with discrimination law. Taking legal advice from the outset will ensure that claims are not brought against the business in the future. Our employment team are also at hand to defend commercial clients if actions are brought against them in the Employment Tribunal.

Redundancy Guidance

In order for a redundancy to be legally sound, a ‘fair consultation procedure’ must be followed by the employer. If this procedure does not take place the former employee may bring a claim for unfair dismissal, which can be costly and cause damage to a business’s reputation. At Saracens, we can provide specialist advice on how to conduct a fair redundancy consultation and provide guidance on all other aspects of the redundancy process. It is essential to seek advice at the outset in order to avoid unnecessary and costly litigation further down the line.

Transfers of Business

The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (‘TUPE’ Regulations) sets out strict procedures which must be followed when a business transfers some or all of its business or changes its location. Failing to follow the TUPE Regulations can lead to costly litigation and/or compensation claims. For this reason it is imperative to seek legal advice before taking action to transfer a business. At Saracens, our employment team can provide advice and guidance on how to ensure compliance with the TUPE Regulations to avoid unnecessary issues occurring in the future.

Unfair Dismissal- Commercial Clients

Employees can only be dismissed for fair reasons; If your employer did not have a good reason for dismissing you or did not follow proper procedure, you may be able to claim for Unfair Dismissal. Saracens employment experts understand that the cost of hiring a solicitor in such cases can be a concern, and we will strive to find a funding solution for you. Our specialised team will guide you through the process of negotiating with your employer for compensation, filing a claim in the employment tribunal and advising you what to do if your employer wishes to settle your claim for compensation. Contact us now for expert advice and assistance.