Property Disputes.

We typically advise and act for clients with claims in excess of £15,000.00. Based on your circumstances, we will be able to provide you a consultation or advise on the next steps available to you. Please leave an enquiry with us and we will get back to you.

Property disputes can arise at any time for example, where individuals struggle to meet their mortgage payments or when tenants unlawfully sublet a dwelling or carry out unauthorised alterations to the property. Our property litigation team are experienced in disputes arising over leasehold issues such as landlord and tenant disputes over rent or eviction and freehold issues such as mortgage arrears and repossession claims.

We advise landlords, tenants and homeowners in such disputes to achieve a swift resolution bearing in mind the commercial realities of the day. If this is not possible, we take effective action relating to claims for rent arrears, breaches of lease and possession proceedings.

Adverse Possession Claims

If anyone can prove that they have been in exclusive occupation of a property for more than 10 or 12 years and have been making use of it, they may be entitled to take possession of that property. The original owner of the property can oppose the claim if dealt with in the set time period. Our specialist teams are able to assist with making and defending all forms of adverse possession claims. Please contact a member of the property team for more information.

Engineering and Building Disputes

At Saracens we are aware of the complexity involved in resolving engineering or building disputes. The use of costly experts may be required to determine matters. Therefore we negotiate, mediate and use arbitration if we can in order to avoid costly litigation. Our specialist team are experienced in litigating in the Technology and Construction Court which governs these types of disputes in London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester. Please contact a member of the litigation team for more information

International and Domestic Property Litigation

For those who own property abroad, it can be difficult to resolve disputes from so far away. We advise clients on a range of issues relating to property both in the UK and abroad. We make sure that jurisdictional issues are addressed at the outset and any litigation steps are considered with our teams and agents in those jurisdictions. We will ensure that you are kept fully informed during the whole process.

Landlord and Tenant Disputes

At Saracens, our specialised litigation team are able to assist both landlords and tenants in resolving disputes. If your tenant has not paid his rent or altered the property without permission or if your landlord has failed to maintain the property to a safe standard or evicted you from the property unlawfully, we will provide you with an assessment of your legal position and options going forward. Our experts will aid you in resolving your problem so contact us now.

Neighbour and Property Disputes

There are a number of ways to resolve neighbour disputes. They usually occur over issues such as ownership of a particular part of a property, party wall disputes, noise, planning restrictions and repairs. Saracens dispute resolution team will explore different options with you such as talking or mediating with your neighbours, using third parties such as the council or the police and launch court proceedings as a last resort in order to help you reach a solution in a range of situations.