Consultants Programme

Consultants Programme.

Consultants Programme

Saracens Solicitors is a full service law firm based in the West End of London. We are a mid-sized practice with a national and international client base. We specialise in commercial law, real estate and property, commercial and general litigation, personal injury, employment, family, insolvency, business and private immigration. We are also one of the foremost English law firms providing Shari’ah compliant services alongside regular client services.

We recognise the traditional way legal services are delivered, is overdue for change. The conventional methodology is now morphing to a modern style, that suits the way we live.

At Saracens we are the cutting edge. We offer an attractive and fulfilling consultancy model that allows solicitors to maximise their skills, earning capacity and time. We utilise the best aspects of a conventional law firm, whilst adopting a flexible and dynamic environment.

All in all, we believe we have fine-tuned the way legal services can be accessed and delivered for everyone concerned. If you are an ambitious, experienced solicitor or legal professional with an entrepreneurial spirit, this is for you.

It allows those with business acumen who want a healthier work/life balance to benefit financially. Our consultants programme provides solicitors the perfect flexible working arrangement without compromising passion or the commitment for excellence in client care.

Our team of consultant solicitors practice on a self-employed basis.

They work remotely, but with full access to our central London offices on the Strand as and when they need. So if they’re wanting to meet a client in town, they can book a conference room or even work using a hot desk at the office.

They receive operational assistance from an experienced business support team, including some of the boring stuff like file opening or accounts etc.

But here’s the clincher. They set their own targets, their own fee structures and their own objectives. They choose when and with whom they want to work with. In simple terms, they are in control.

The end result and benefit of all this is a professional advisor that has more time and freedom to enjoy a lifestyle they choose.

Here are some of the perks you could benefit from as a consultant for Saracens:

  • Have control to manage where, when and how you work
  • No office hours, no fee earning targets or fixed hourly rates, no set chargeable hours and no daily commute
  • Become an integral part of our highly experienced legal team
  • Take charge of your career and the type of work you undertake
  • Have complete autonomy of your client relationships and the personalised legal services you provide
  • Agree fee-structures appropriate for your clients and obtain pricing strategy advice
  • Benefit from a culture, tailored to your needs
  • Ongoing support with business development strategies and marketing initiatives
  • Be part of a collegiate environment where we collaborate to share knowledge, referrals and resources
Our consultancy fee-share model offers a generous/competitive renumeration package in line with the market. We also offer additional reward for internal referrals.

Increase your earning potential with an income of up to 70% of the fees you bill.

We offer our consultant solicitors a range of back office functions. We support our consultants in managing their client matters seamlessly from any location they wish to operate.

The platform of services we provide include:

– Personalised induction/onboarding process into the firm
– Access to our world class case management system
– HR, invoicing/billing and administrative assistance
– Email address, Office365, remote IT support and systems training
– Business cards, telephone number and answering/messaging service
– Compliance management and audit support
– Indemnity insurance cover
– Access to digital marketing and business development support
– Access to our lender panels
– Access to accreditations (eg. Lexcel)
– Professional profile on Saracens Solicitors website and search engine optimisation
– Access to work-stations and conference room booking systems

Minimum 4 years post qualification experience as a Solicitor or Legal Executive. Ability to build a client following and an active network of introducers. Confidence and/or track record in networking and generating new leads/clients. Self-motivation, initiative and a passion for law.

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PQE years

Real-life results

We generate results for our clients

I work from home and it’s definitely a huge advantage. I’ve been a consultant for Saracens for many years and from the moment I realised the value of having a flexible working day, I appreciated that this is the best way to work. I work the hours I want and this gives me the time to spend the rest of my time in the week with my family, catching up with friends and pursuing my hobbies. After a number of years in the profession, I recognise the importance of having a work-life balance. Saracens gives me the freedom to continue with my dream career and to achieve the ‘ultimate work-life balance’ that makes this proposition worth it.


I decided to become a consultant for Saracens as I wanted to focus on having a work-life balance. I was a little dubious at first but I’m glad to say I have not been disappointed. I now have the freedom to work when I want to but am also able to spend time doing other things as and when needed. In this day and age, not every moment has to be spent in an office to make a success of your life. Being a consultant allows me the best of both worlds – I am able to work and meet my client’s expectations and I do not need to sacrifice my personal/family life as a result. I am also able to use my network to generate work and maximise my earning potential.


The Saracens consultant programme has provided me with the platform to continue and develop my legal career. I have a great team behind me who provide me with all the necessary business support I need such as invoicing and due diligence procedures, so I can focus on providing an excellent service to my clients. The working flexibility also allows me to work wherever and whenever I like, so I can spend quality time with my family and friends.


Fun fact: I work for Saracens all the way from Australia! I love being a consultant for Saracens as they allow me to work from anywhere in the world – literally. The time zone difference doesn’t affect my work either, I’m able to work around the hours which suit me. All of their systems are online and I have full access to their case management system when I require it. The complete flexibility on offer means that I can spend the most of my days exploring the Australian outback and enjoying nature.



What Marketing arrangements are at the firm to help Consultants generate leads/new business?

• Our skilled marketing team provide a level of support to help promote our Consultants at the firm.
• Business cards, web profiles, promotion of specialist areas through our social media platforms, online campaigns for the Consultants area of law as well as writing blogs are examples of how we partner with those on our consultant programme.

How many years experience is required to be a Consultant Solicitor at Saracens?

There is no minimum requirement as such although we tend to look at consultants with 4 years+ PQE as they usually have a more established client book.

What attributes are required to become a Consultant?

• Our Consultants are qualified solicitors and legal executives with solid experience in their chosen practice area.
• Must be self-disciplined and motivated to succeed in business.
• Entrepreneurial, commercial mindset with ability to effectively network and market ​your legal services is a must for being a successful Consultant
• Capability to win new clients and maintain a strong, good quality client following is key to being a Consultant.
• Providing legal services to the firm with due care and skill is essential – providing high standard client service is paramount to us.
• Ensuring compliance to best practices when handling matters
• Ability to work without day to day supervision

What support will I receive from the firm for the fee-share arrangement?

• Our business support teams include Administration, Accounts, Marketing I.T and HR. We offer our consultants access to each of these areas.
• Remote access to case management system, precedents, I.T and telephone systems
• Use of conference rooms for client meetings
• Access to official accreditations (Lexcel)
• A consultant network within the firm who support and cross refer business to each other

What is the Saracens fee-share structure?

​​We operate a tiered fee-share structure which allows consultants to earn up to 70% of their annual billing.

Why do solicitors choose Saracens for consultancy?

• ​Lead a better work life balance
• Increase their earnings.
• Work the hours of their choice
• Remote working from anywhere in the world
• Access our central London offices and experienced business support teams
• No set billing targets

Recruitment Procedure

Our people make us who we are and we recognise their value to our on-going success.

Trainee Recruitment

Our business areas allow us to provide wide scope for training and robust, winning strategies for our clients.


Our specialist teams are made up of highly talented, driven and client focused professionals.