Workplace Accidents.

Some employers are guilty of failing to comply with Health and Safety regulations. This may entitle you to make a claim. Examples of such cases include: Falls from ladders and scaffolding, harassment and bullying at work, factory accidents and back injuries. Our team will identify who is at fault for your accident and make sure you are compensated for your injury.

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If your employers have not complied with various health and safety regulations and you have sustained an injury at work you could be entitled to bring a claim. Typical situations where a claim can arise include:

  • Falls at work.
  • Harassment and bullying at work.
  • Object falling in the work place.
  • Suffering burns and scalds due to faulty equipment at work.
  • Forklift truck accidents.
  • Factory accidents.
  • Injuries caused through the negligence of other fellow employees.
  • Falls from chairs.
  • Injuries caused by faulty equipment.
  • Back injuries

The above are just examples. Whilst the government makes every effort to ensure that your environment at work is safe, sadly accidents do happen.

Statistics show a historical increase in numbers of working people who were suffering from a work related illness, workers are still being killed at work and many more reportable injuries occurred in the work place. If you have suffered an injury at work please contact us as soon as possible after the accident occurring and we will guide you and advise you on the next steps to start your claim.