Media & Intellectual Property.

We typically advise and act for clients with claims in excess of £15,000.00. Based on your circumstances, we will be able to provide you a consultation or advise on the next steps available to you. Please leave an enquiry with us and we will get back to you.

Often the most valuable asset for many individuals and their businesses is in an intangible form. Intellectual property law covers copyright, patents, trademarks, design rights, protection from passing off and protection of confidential information. We have experience and advise on these areas and assist our clients to ensure their goodwill is protected, as well as acting quickly to stop exploitation and abuse if it arises.

Similarly, media law is an ever growing and changing area of law, often overlapping with privacy and human rights law, particularly with the rise of the Internet and social media. Media law covers regulation of the media, whether in print form, broadcast or online. We advise on all aspects of media law and breaches of it and have in-depth experience of defamation, libel and slander law, regularly acting for individuals who seek to protect their reputations.

Defamation and Libel

Defamation occurs when something is said or written which is untrue which causes another person’s reputation to be lowered in the eyes of others. There are different forms of defamation including libel and slander. Generally speaking, libel occurs if the defamation is in a permanent form i.e. it is written or published in a newspaper, book or even online. Slander is when the defamation is said or spoken. Libel requires someone to prove that they have suffered actual damage. Our specialist team are experts at identifying defamation and ensuring that defamatory content is removed or retracted, apologies published and damages paid. We use alternate methods to resolve matters but if court involvement becomes necessary we guide our clients through the process and ensure they achieve the best result for them.

Trademarks and Patents

If you own a trademark or patent and that trademark or patent is contravened or used without your consent, our experienced team are able to claim damages both in the UK and abroad and also recover the cost of legal proceedings. We also advise on alternate forms of funding for these claims. Contact one of our specialist advisors to find out if you can claim damages.