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Loan Agreement & Debt Finance
We provide bespoke legal advice on all types of loan agreements and debt financing arrangements. We also negotiate and draft bespoke loan and security agreements tailored to your business and your requirements ensuring you’re protected from the outset. Our experts will assist you at every step to ensure a smooth and secure process.
Project & Asset Based Finance
Whether you require finance to purchase a high-value asset or need cash to develop your latest venture, or if you are lending on asset-backed securities, we can offer expert advice on the legal implications of project and asset based finance as well as draft bespoke agreements for you.
Restructuring is one of the ways in which an organisation can turn financial distress into a profitable and successful business. Our team will advice on how exactly to restructure your particular business, the combination of experts to consult, compliance with directors’ duties, options relating to debt & equity conversions and catering for disputes resolutions early.
Shari'ah Compliant Finance
We have expertise with Shari’ah compliant facilities like Mudaraba (profit sharing), Musharaka (joint venture), Murabaha (lending at cost plus profit), and Wakala (agency arrangement) products. Our team can advise both lenders and borrowers with straightforward, client-focused legal advice in relation to Shari’ah compliant financing arrangements.

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Banking & Finance

Company Restructuring and Asset Protection – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Overnight, many businesses have gone from doing financially ok or financially well, to survival mode. And we get it. But when things get tough, trying …

Banking & Finance

Can I Leverage My Luxury Asset As Security For A Loan?

For asset-rich but cash-strapped individuals, luxury asset lending is growing. Whether the collateral is a watch, yacht, fine art, a luxury handbag, or classic car, …

Banking & Finance

Islamic Finance: Myths vs Reality

In early March, many leading investors and experts met at the Sukuk Summit 2018 in London to discuss one of the oldest and most underdeveloped …

Banking & Finance

Asset and Fund Management The Impact On Brexit

The Impact of Brexit on Asset and Fund ManagementAsset and fund management- At the beginning of June 2017, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) sent letters …

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