Selling A House/Property.

If you are thinking of selling your home, Saracens Solicitors will be more than pleased to help you with the legal aspects of your sale.

Once you have found a purchaser to buy your home, contact us and our residential conveyancing department will forward to you the necessary property information forms for you to complete and return.

Please have a quick read of the conveyancing process for selling your house:

1. Choosing a solicitor: Do not wait until an offer is accepted for the sale, you should already have solicitors you wish to instruct so that once the offer is made, your solicitors are there to send out the contract packs as soon as possible. Avoid trying to go ahead with the cheapest solicitors, it is important that you instruct expert conveyancing solicitors who specialise in sale transactions.

2. Contract pack: The next step is to fill in, sign and return a number of documents. We will guide you through the forms and assist with the forms as much as we can.

The documents will be the following:

a) Proof of identity – We must see your passport or driving license together with proof of address.

b) Fitting and Fixtures form (TA10) – This needs to be filled in and will specify what is included in the sale, both inside the property and in the outdoors areas.

c) Property Information Form (TA6) – This requires you to fill out information about a range of matters concerning the property, from defining the boundaries to environmental concerns. Your solicitor will advise you on what needs to be included. You will also need to include all the documents that relate to your answers.

d) Leasehold documents (if the property is leasehold).

e) Management pack – If the property is leasehold you will need to contact the landlord or their managing agent for the LPE1 and management pack documents, this will usually cost roughly £100-300 to obtain.

3. Draft Documentation: We will draw up the contract pack after we have received all of your signed documents and send these to the buyer’s solicitors. We will obtain the title deeds from the Land Registry and send them across too. We will also obtain your redemption statement from your current lender if there is a mortgage on the property.

4. Enquiries: The buyers solicitors will write to us with any enquiries they want to raise from the draft documentation.

5. Exchange of contracts: Once everything has been approved, we will draw up the final contract and shall send to you the approved documents to sign. From this point once we have exchanged you are legally obliged to sell the property to the buyer.

6. Completion: The funds will be transferred from the buyers solicitors to us, and we will pay off any redemption and legal fees, and the remainder will be transferred to you.

If you wish to sell your property with expert and experienced conveyancing solicitors, Saracens Solicitors are the right choice for you. Our award-winning conveyancing department are known for handling smooth transactions and very happy clients. Please call our team on 020 3588 3500 or press the ‘Get In Touch’ button on the top right of your screen.