Business Law.

The advice will be tailored to your specific needs and practical requirements coupled with viable commercial solutions. Our personal approach enables us to fully understand your business and the issues that your company may be facing to allow us to provide the highest level of service and solutions which are both cost effective and pragmatic.

Acquisition / Sale of Business and Assets

The experience and skill of our commercial solicitors is second to none. Whether you intend to acquire a business, or require a keen eye to review / explain the terms of a commercial contract, or even someone to draft you a partnership agreement – we can assist you. Our advisors will not just guide you but will ensure you fully understand the risks involved and will assist with strategic planning when contemplating a commercial transaction to protect your investment.

Commercial Contracts

At Saracens, there are solicitors specialising in contract law. Whether you require them to draft or review a commercial contract their extensive knowledge in this area ensures comprehensive advice is always available.

Confidentiality / Non Disclosure Agreements

Before you release confidential information, you should always consider a non-disclosure agreement (sometimes referred to as an NDA). This will allow you to regulate how your information is handled. It can be drafted to protect trade secrets, financial information, key contact information and even business ideas. Our specialised team are happy to help and can even assist if the information has been exposed in breach of an agreement.

Franchise Agreements

Our solicitors have expert franchise experience and can guide you through the terms of a franchise agreement. Before you commit contractually you must know exactly what terms are being imposed and whether they are in accordance with market standards to assess whether you can meet the obligations. Equally, if you wish to set up a franchise it is vital you are guided appropriately ensuring your legal documentation meets the BFA standards.

Licensing Law

Commercial Law Fee Structure
Licenses are required for a vast range of modern day businesses. You may want to serve hot food or host entertainment, whatever the reason without specialist help it can be a legal minefield. Licenses can be reviewed at any point and a breaches of licence can lead to penalties and even revocation. We can advise you on any changes that will affect your business to ensure you remain up to date on any legislation. Equally if you are being accused of a being in breach of a licence condition, seek expert advice.

Mergers and Acquisitions

One of the main areas practiced by our company commercial lawyers includes representation for those intending to sell as well as those proposing a company acquisition or a merger. Our due diligence process and reporting is thorough and recognised for its excellence. Our specialist commercial solicitors will guide you through the intricacies of any mergers or an acquisition and protect your interests.

Partnership and Joint Venture Agreements

When two or more people / organisations decide upon a new business venture, determining the correct form of trading entity is vital. Issues such as voting control, liability, exit mechanisms and dispute resolution (to name but a few) must be seriously considered. Our team of commercial lawyers advise with specialist know-how on partnerships, limited liability partnership and joint venture agreements.