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Employment Contracts

Compromise & Settlement Agreements

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A compromise agreement is a legally binding agreement entered into by an employer and employee. It protects the employer from future action by the employee for any breach of statutory duty it may have committed. Under this agreement the employer will usually pay the employee a sum of money in exchange for his promise to make no further claims. Our employment team can draft the compromise agreement and ensure you achieve the best possible position and protection. We can liaise with the other party and negotiate the terms of the agreement until you are both in a position to conclude the contract, quickly and efficiently.

Contracts of Employment (For Businesses)

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At Saracens, our specialist employment team are at hand to draft employment contracts for employees from a range of backgrounds and of varying seniority. Our method of drafting enables us to limit the possibility of employment claims being brought against you. We are also at hand to review your existing employment contracts to ensure that they meet all current legislative and regulatory requirements. The membership of the UK to the EU has vastly changed the legal employment landscape and so it is essential to ensure all employment contracts are compliant with these changes.

Human Resources: Policy Documentation

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Employee handbooks and policy documentation, such as health and safety booklets, help to ensure employees understand their role and procedures within the business. Such documents help to protect your business from employee disputes and costly litigation. Our employment team can assist with drafting tailored handbooks that meet your specific business needs. If the handbook is required by law, we will ensure that all necessary criteria are met in the handbook’s content. Our team can also review existing policy documentation to provide advice on any updates that are necessary or desirable.

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