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Changing Face of UK Employment Contracts

It may seem like employment law is forever changing; as soon as you draft the perfect employment contract that suits your business, the legal requirements shift again.

Our employment team can assist you with:

  • Drafting bespoke employment contracts for your organisation
  • Keeping you up to date with any changes in legislation and amending your employment agreements if required
  • Drafting employment handbooks
  • Advising and drafting settlement agreements

Why is UK Employment Law Subject to Regular Change?

There are several reasons why employment regulations and rules are subject to frequent change.  One key reason is the fact that the UK is part of the European Union and therefore our legislation must take into account any changes brought about by EU recommendations and European Court decisions.  Employment law is also highly political, with successive governments usually overhauling regulations during their term in office.  Finally, the economy, employers and employees needs are constantly changing; legislation must constantly reflect the employment situation of today rather than remain stuck in the past.

Our employment lawyers regularly attend conferences and professional development seminars so they can advise clients with the most up to date advice available.  When we draft your company’s employment contracts and/or handbook, you can be confident that your interests (and that of your employees) are protected, ensuring that your business is fully compliant with the latest regulations.

Why You Need a Robust Employment Contract

Whether or not you have a formal agreement in writing, the moment you engage someone as an employee, a contract exists between you and them which covers basic statutory rights; such as, an entitlement that the employee will be paid for the work they do.

An employment contract cannot reduce any rights enjoyed by both parties via government regulations, but it can add

to or provide clarity to both express and implied employment terms by setting them out in the agreement or employee handbook.  For example, all employment contracts contain an implied term that the employer shall provide a healthy and safe working environment for their employees.  However, to minimise the risk of employee disputes or litigation surrounding health and safety matters, you may chose to outline the health and safety procedures in your employment contract so all parties are clear on their health and safety obligations.

Our employment advisors will take the time to find out about your business and discuss what unique clauses you need to have included in your employment contract to enhance employment relationships and protect your interests.

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