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Are You Working From Home? Are You Protected?

Many of us who were once glued to our office desks have had to, in the last few weeks, come to terms with working from home. I am writing this blog from my wooden dining table, aka my new “office […]

Catastrophic Workplace Injury – A Guide To Claiming Compensation

Not everyone who goes to work returns home at night in the same condition, or even at all.  In the UK’s most dangerous industries, namely agriculture, construction, and manufacturing, serious accidents can and do occur.  And the injuries resulting can […]

Do You Trust Your Bathroom Cabinet?

Few of us would ever consider taking Ibuprofen harmful.  If you have a flu, headache or other pain, the over-the-counter drug normally provides rapid relief, allowing you to get on with your day. But seemingly harmless Ibuprofen can cause devastating […]

Robust Legal Expertise in Complex RTA Injury Claims is Crucial

Every year over 170,000 injuries occur on UK roads in road traffic accidents (RTAs), of which approximately 10% are fatal.  In some of these cases, the precise events surrounding the RTA can be so complicated that considerable legal expertise is […]

It’s All In Your Head – The Importance Of Claiming For Psychiatric Injury

The issue of mental health has, thankfully, been receiving a great deal of attention lately.   The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry have made campaigning for young people’s mental health as one of their main focal points.  In addition, […]

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