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Why are Women Still Paid Less Than Men?

According to recent research, women still earn about 18% less than men on average, 46 years after the first Equal Pay Act was passed in 1970 despite former Prime Minister David Cameron vowing that the government would close the pay […]

Employment Claims by Employers – Should You Claim Against Your Employee?

Having an employee breach a term of an employment agreement is stressful for any employer to deal with and can have significant ramifications for your business. Usually, when you have grounds to make a legal claim against your employee you […]

Employers: What You Need to Know About Hiring Temps

If you’re thinking of hiring temporary staff, then this article will prove useful to you. Engaging temporary workers on a fixed-term basis is a useful tool for businesses during busy periods or when it’s unclear whether there will be ongoing […]

Employment Law Roundup: Legislative Changes Made In 2015 and What You Need to Know for 2016

The beginning of January is traditionally a time for business owners and HR teams to plan for the year ahead. We all know that, ideally, these plans should have been in place six months ago. Here at Saracens Solicitors, we […]

The Pension Act 2008 – What Employees Need To Know

The Pension Act 2008

The Pension Act 2008 –What Employees Need To Know  The Pension Act 2008 is the Governments way of telling the people of the United Kingdom that we are not saving enough. Millions of people don’t save for retirement because a […]

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