As fast as COVID-19 has entered our lives, you need to act just as fast – to protect your family and assets. Now is the time to put your will in place if you don’t have one already, to ensure your family’s future is secure.

Don’t wait for the virus to slow down or go and then start thinking about it. It’s all about survival and protection now. This might sound harsh but you’re doing everything else to protect your family – why haven’t you made sure that if something happens to you, they’ll still be protected?

We don’t know enough about the disease and that’s not to say that’s the only reason we can’t be certain about tomorrow. The uncertainty is enough to make us want to spend a few hours getting our wills in order.

But that’s not the end; what if you’re around but something happens to you that means you can’t make the decisions you currently do for your family? Who will make those decisions? Without adequate legal documentation, did you know the authorities could step over what you thought would happen and make the decisions on your behalf?

This is why having a will and lasting power of attorney (LPA) in place immediately, will avoid these issues.

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  • Have a will and LPA created for you
  • Feel content with whatever else life throws your way next

With everything that’s going on, we can discuss fees later. Let’s get on the phone and talk about your actual needs – that’s the priority.

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