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Spouse Visa Interviews – A Survival Guide

Have you seen the movie ‘Green Card’?  Released in 1990, it is a romantic comedy telling the tale of an American woman, Bronte (Andie McDowell) and a Frenchman, Georges (Gérard Depardieu) who enter into a sham marriage so Georges can […]

Helping you to make the leap

Immigration Solicitor in London

Deciding to leave your home country and start a business in a new land is a huge step. It means leaving behind the comfortable and the familiar for the new and unknown. It means starting again in a place that […]

Visas and setting up a business in the UK

Immigration Solicitor in London

Obtaining a visa can be a long and tricky road. Picking your way through the bureaucracy and providing the right evidence to the government can be challenging. All this at a time when you are also attempting to move to […]

Don’t be one of the 400,000, use an immigration solicitor in London

Immigration Solicitor in London

The UK is the fifth largest economy in the world, and despite the uncertainty created by Brexit this is still very much a country that people want to come and live in, whether for a time or on a permanent […]

Muddying the waters: Brexit and immigration

Immigration Solicitor in London

No one ever said immigration law was simple. In almost every country, the law changes constantly in response to conditions within the country and also in response to relationships with other countries around the globe. The UK is one of […]

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