The British National (Overseas) BN(O) Visa

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The British National (Overseas) BN(O) Visa

The British National (Overseas) visa is a unique visa route that allows BN(O) status holders and their close family members to enter and live in the UK. You can find out more information about the BN(O) route on our Q&A page.

Requirements for the BN(O) Entry Clearance Application

Proving your identity

Normally you will be required a valid passport to show proof of your identity as a BN(O) status holder. However, you may also use an expired BN(O) passport to show your status. If you do not have a BN(O) passport, the Home Office may be able to look at your records to check your status.

You will still need a valid passport or travel document to prove your identity and to travel to the UK.

Financial Requirement

There is no set level of funds that you will be required to hold when submitting your application. However, you must still be able to adequately maintain and accommodate yourself and your dependants in the UK for 6 months without recourse to public funds.

You can also rely on credible offers of financial support and/or accommodation from a third party (for example a friend or relative) to meet this requirement. The Home Office will consider whether you can show that after your accommodation costs have been paid, you have at least as much money as you would if your family was receiving income support in the UK.

Ordinary residence

If you are applying for entry clearance you must show that you are an ordinary resident in Hong Kong at the date of your application.

Evidence of ordinary residence in Hong Kong include:

  • An official Hong Kong ID card
  • A letter from an employer confirming your employment in Hong Kong
  • A visa or residence permit or other immigration documents (a colour photocopy would be acceptable) showing residence in Hong Kong
  • An educational record, for example, a school report
  • Tax records
  • Records of rent or mortgage payments
  • Payslips
  • Household or utility bills

Tuberculosis (TB) certificate

You and your dependants are required to provide a valid TB certificate for entry clearance.

Application process

The main applicant with a chipped BNO or Hong Kong Special Administrative Region passport will be eligible to apply using the UK Immigration ID Check App.

If you use a valid BN(O) or Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) passport to prove your identity, you do not need to travel to the UK using that same passport.

Applicants who do not hold appropriate chipped passports can simply apply online via the specified form. Those who apply online will be required to attend an appointment at a visa application centre to give their fingerprints and photo.

The standard processing time for a BN(O) visa is 12 weeks. If your application is successful, you will be required to travel to the UK within 90 days or before your visa expires (for those who applied using the ID check smartphone app to prove their identity.

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