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Going For Jackpot Damages Can Be An Expensive Risk

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  Marathon Asset Management LLP v Seddon & Ors [2017] EWHC 479 (Comm) Earlier in the year you may have seen reference to the case Marathon Asset Management LLP v Seddon in the news recently.  It is not often that civil dispute […]

Don’t Let Your Global Business Result In a Worldwide Problem

international contracts_dispute resolution

International Contracts and Dispute Resolution With America, Europe and the Middle East battling tumultuous political times, certainty in cross-jurisdictional contracts is more important than ever before.  If a dispute arises, the most important considerations for having it resolved quickly were […]

Ending your commercial lease as a tenant

Ending your commercial lease as a tenant

Not every commercial lease runs smoothly and you may wish to end your tenancy early. While agreements generally have a fixed end date, there are usually options you can pursue if this is the case. Saracens Solicitors can give you […]

Protecting Your Interests If A Commercial Tenant Goes Bust


No More Distress – Recovering Rent Arrears Under CRAR Lets talk about the issue of the  insolvent tenant and protecting your rights as a commercial landlord. In 2014, the Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) came into force, replacing the ancient […]

What to Do if Your Business Partner Steals from You


Going into business with anyone requires a giant leap of faith.  Not only are you gambling on your financial future and whether or not the business will work, but you have to trust your business partner(s) implicitly. Your future security […]

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