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Immigration Solicitor in London

If you are looking to invest in a UK business, want to set up your own or already have a business here and aren’t an EU national, you’ll need to apply for a visa. Here at Saracens Solicitors in London’s […]

Common questions about British citizenship

Immigration Solicitor in London

If you have been living in the UK for a long period of time under an IRL residence permit, you are probably contemplating British citizenship. If you are not married to a British citizen, some standard requirements need to be […]

What is IRL and how can I settle in the UK if I am not a British citizen?

Immigration Solicitor in London

Every year, an increasing number of people are settling in the UK in order to live and work. The British job market offers ample opportunities to immigrants who wish to stay on a permanent basis. However, depending on each person’s […]

Find out about our immigration legal services

Immigration Solicitor in London

It is no secret that in recent years more and more people are on the move globally. And while immigration has received a lot of positive and negative press, evidence has shown that immigrants provide significant economic and social benefits […]

A guide to acquiring British citizenship via naturalisation

Immigration Solicitor in London

There are different ways to meet the eligibility criteria for British citizenship, which is obtained through naturalisation. According to the 1981 Home Secretary Act, foreign citizens who wish to become British citizens need to satisfy a number of statutory requirements and are required to […]

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