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Protecting Your Interests If A Commercial Tenant Goes Bust


No More Distress – Recovering Rent Arrears Under CRAR Lets talk about the issue of the  insolvent tenant and protecting your rights as a commercial landlord. In 2014, the Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) came into force, replacing the ancient […]

What to Do if Your Business Partner Steals from You


Going into business with anyone requires a giant leap of faith.  Not only are you gambling on your financial future and whether or not the business will work, but you have to trust your business partner(s) implicitly. Your future security […]

A Guide to the Common Reporting Standard

The UK economy loses £69.9 billion on a yearly basis through tax avoidance and tax evasion in what the Tax Justice Network call the “shadow economy.” To put that figure in perspective: This figure is more than two-thirds of the […]

A Director’s Liability When A Business Goes Bust

Last week news broke of yet another British high-street casualty.  Administrators for British Home Stores (BHS) announced they were unable to find a buyer for the financially troubled chain store and put the company into liquidation.  All 163 UK stores […]

Is a Verbal Contract a Valid Contract?

When does a Verbal Agreement become a Valid Contract? The idea of entering into verbal agreements conjures up an image of the good old days when a person’s word equated with their honour and was therefore unbreakable. Nowadays, very little […]

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