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Civil Litigation

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Litigation is a method used to resolve disputes between individuals and/or companies.

Should you ever find yourself embroiled in a dispute then our team can offer you the advice and assistance you need in making or defending a claim.

We possess the requisite experience and expertise in negotiating on your behalf and if necessary, issuing/defending proceedings at the High Court or County Court depending on the nature and value of the claim being dealt with.

No case is too big or too small and our team is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring you receive a service tailored to meet your needs.

Saracens can provide a thorough understanding on the different aspects of litigation and what impact it can have on yourself, your family and your future. Litigation matters require meticulous examination of every issue involved as, should your claim fail, you carry the great risk of having to pay your opponent’s legal costs. It is often a more appropriate option to resolve matters through mediation or arbitration which are usually less costly and time consuming than litigation.

Should you need any further assistance in this regard or feel as though you may have a dispute that requires an expert legal opinion to be resolved then please contact us.

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Contractual Disputes

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Contractual disputes can occur at any time and include consumer disputes, debt recovery and business contract breaches. Our advice is to resolve issues quickly without resorting to litigation. When resolution fails, we will take the necessary action to fully protect your position.

Inheritance, Wills and Probate Litigation

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In the event of an unexpected death of a loved one, the validity of a will can be challenged and may give rise to family disputes, resulting in litigation. When court proceedings become necessary, we can ensure the estate of the deceased is distributed in a way you think is fair. We will clearly advise you on your entitlements and represent you at Court to help you to achieve the best possible solution.


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We provide legal advice to individuals or companies in any stages of insolvency and to creditors. We can help you manage your liabilities and decide on the best course of action whether you are a creditor or debtor. We can assist you with bankruptcy, individual and company voluntary arrangements, liquidations, administrations and receiverships.

Media and Intellectual Property

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Defamation occurs when something is said or written which is untrue which causes another person’s reputation to be lowered in the eyes of others. There are different forms of defamation including libel and slander. Generally speaking, libel occurs if the defamation is in a permanent form i.e. it is written or published in a newspaper, book or even online. Slander is when the defamation is said or spoken. Libel requires someone to prove that they have suffered actual damage. Our specialist team are experts at identifying defamation and ensuring that defamatory content is removed or retracted, apologies published and damages paid. We use alternate methods to resolve matters but if court involvement becomes necessary we guide our clients through the process and ensure they achieve the best result for them.


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Professionals such as doctors, dentists, surveyors, accountants and building contractors owe you a duty of care when they carry out work for you. If they breach that duty, they may be guilty of professional negligence. Our team are experts at assisting with all types of negligence claims from establishing liability to issuing court proceedings. Call to discuss your matter with one of our specialist advisors.


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Your property is normally your most valuable asset. Whether you are a landlord seeking possession of your home, a tenant who has been unlawfully evicted or you are engaged in a dispute with a neighbour or mortgage company, we have cost effective solutions for all kinds of disputes that relate to your property. Contact our specialists for advice.

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