A divorce or separation can be a difficult and expensive time, especially during the current cost of living crisis. The thought of paying court fees over buying household essentials can be daunting, and even cause people to postpone a divorce which may be in their best interests. However, there are a number of things you can do to make the process easier and more affordable. Read our money saving methods below.

Child Maintenance

If you have children, you will need to make arrangements for their financial support. You can do this through the Child Maintenance Service (CMS). The CMS will calculate how much child maintenance should be paid by the other parent, based on their income and the amount of time they spend with their children.

Alternatives to Court

If you and your ex-partner are able to agree on how to divide your finances, you can avoid going to court. There are a number of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods that you can use, such as mediation, round table meetings, and negotiation with the help of a family solicitor.


Mediation is a process where you and your ex-partner work with a neutral third party (the mediator) to try to reach an agreement about your finances. Mediation is a confidential process and you can choose to end it at any time.

Roundtable Meetings

Round table meetings can be used to reach a financial settlement outside of court. They take place with both you and your ex-partner including the solicitors or barristers. Round table meetings can be a good option if you are able to communicate effectively with your ex-partner.


If you are unable to agree on how to divide your finances, you may need to negotiate with your ex-partner. You can do this with or without the help of a family solicitor. Negotiation can be a complex process, so it is important to get legal advice if you are considering this option.

Financial Help

There are a number of government schemes and charities that can help you with the financial costs of divorce. You can also get help with childcare costs if you have children.

Here are some additional tips for coping with the financial costs of divorce:

  • Create a budget. This will help you to track your income and expenses so that you can see where your money is going.
  • Cut back on unnecessary expenses. This could mean eating out less, cancelling unused subscriptions, or shopping around for cheaper car insurance.
  • Get external help. If you have children, there are a number of government schemes and charities that can help you with the cost of childcare. You may also be eligible for help with divorce costs.
  • Get legal advice. A family solicitor can help you to understand your legal rights and options, and they can also help you to negotiate a financial settlement with your ex-partner.

Remember, you are not alone. There are many people who have gone through a divorce or separation, and there is help available. Please get in touch and we can discuss your individual circumstances for the best way forward.

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