We have received many calls over the last week from separated parents seeking advice on child arrangements in light of the current worldwide coronavirus lockdown.

Parents for example, wanting to know the legal position with regards to child contact for the other parent, given we’ve all been advised to stay home and limit travel for essential needs only.

You may already have a court order in place giving details of the child arrangements or you may be threatened that an application would be made to the court if you do not allow contact to take place.

How we can help:

  1. We can offer an initial consultation to advise you about your rights and the best course of action.
  2. Review any court orders.
  3. Consider the need for any Court applications.
  4. Communicate on your behalf.
  5. Deal with any further queries that you may have.

Last month we were awarded ‘the most trusted law firm’ in London and in a time of uncertainty, being trusted is critical.

Don’t waste time being stressed or worried. Call us and let’s talk it through. We will help work out what you need and allay any concerns.

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