In any relationship breakdown, the primary consideration of both parties is the welfare and stability of the children involved. At Saracens Solicitors, the welfare of your children is our top priority and we will endeavour to assist you in negotiating arrangements that are in the best interests of your family as a whole.

Arrangements for Children After a Divorce

When a Court is considering any matters concerning the upbringing of a child, the child’s welfare is the paramount consideration.

In recognition of the fact that child care arrangements agreed amicably between the parents are most likely to stick, the Court will only get involved as a last resort. The Court will only get involved if agreement cannot be reached.

Our experienced family law team can assist you to work out a childcare agreement with your ex-partner in advance of the filing of a divorce. We have a wealth of experience in this area of family law and a high success rate of negotiating arrangements amicably and quickly. We understand that when it comes to children, minimal disruption is the key to progress.

Disputes Surrounding Child Care Arrangements

If you cannot agree with your estranged spouse on arrangements for your children you will be able to take benefit of the Child Arrangements Programme. This programme, introduced in 2014, removes the previously used terms ‘custody’ and ‘access’ and replaces them with ‘child arrangement order’. It is designed to assist families to reach safe and child-focused care arrangements for their children, where possible outside the Court setting. If parents/families are unable to reach agreement and a Court application is required, the Child Arrangement Programme encourages and supports swift resolution of the dispute through the Court.

The Role of Mediation in a Child Care Arrangement Dispute

Since April 2014, attendance at a family mediation information and assessment meeting (MIAM) has been compulsory for all parties to a child arrangements dispute. An application to Court cannot be issued without parites having attended unless a MIAM exemption or a mediator’s exemption applies.

Let our experienced solicitors assist you through the MIAM process, advise you as to whether an exemption applies to you and whether it would benefit you and your family to rely on one.

Our Approach to Child Care Arrangement Matters

We fully uphold and support that in cases of separation or divorce, the welfare of children is paramount. By dealing with cases sensitively and firmly, we have proven time and time again that our family law team can bring estranged couples together amicabley to seek the best arrangements for their children.

To talk to us further about child arrangment matters in complete confidence, please phone us on 020 3588 3500.