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Commercial Property

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Commercial premises are often acquired for a number of reasons. There may be businesses seeking to obtain premises due to growth, individuals wanting to purchase a premises for the first time as a business location or an investor wishing to expand their property portfolio. Our property team will ensure that the right legal arrangements are in place to suit your legal and business requirements. Needless to say the commercial industry is a complex area – investing in good legal advice at an early stage will be beneficial to any business or individual, thereby protecting the investment and avoiding potential pitfalls in the future.

The team at Saracens regard the understanding of a client’s business as paramount importance resulting in a high quality service promoting client loyalty.

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Mr B Tank, Partner Tank Jowett Solicitors (now director of Nobles Solicitors)

I have instructed Saracens on a number of occasions, including the merger between Tank Jowett Solicitors with Noble Solicitors. The team were aware of our business needs and provided excellent pragmatic Continue Reading

March 8, 2016

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Breach of covenants and lease termination

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The property team at Saracens Solicitors understands the importance of rental income for landlords. Our commercial property lawyers can quickly identify any potential breach of a lease and ensure a legal strategy and action is taken without delay.

Commercial Lease Solicitor London

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Our specialist commercial property team provides support and guidance for both landlords and tenants, on varying aspects of commercial property. A lease may be a 5, 10, even 20+ year commitment and so great skill and care is needed when negotiating. Our property lawyers have the depth of experience to guide you through.

Landlord’s consent to make alterations to premises

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Often things change whilst in the middle of a lease term. You may be a tenant wanting to conduct building works to the layout. You may want to change the authorised use of the property with the planning office. You may be a landlord having received such a request and wondering what your rights are. Receiving expert commercial property advice is critical. Not only is there a physical impact on the property and possibly the value but both parties must comply with the lease terms. Often landlord consent is required and should always be documented via a licence for alternations.

Planning law and section 106 agreements

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Planning legislation in England is extensive and for an untrained eye, can appear very complicated. The team at Saracens is adept and handling a range of matters from smaller planning applications right through to larger development schemes including section 106 agreements. We can assist you, advising on the most effective approach from the outset.

Renewing a business tenancy

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When renewing a business tenancy, a number of factors must be considered. For example a landlord must factor in the market rate for rent, security deposits, whether the property has become dilapidated etc. A tenant should ensure the agreement is transferable, if there are any additional costs in taking occupancy, how will any deposit be held and safeguarded etc. In short, both landlord and tenant will require support and guidance which we are able to provide.

Sale and Purchase of Freehold Commercial Property

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When looking at acquiring or selling a commercial property, it is important to have the backing of an experienced property solicitor. Our property team has over 50 years’ experience. Awarded specialist Law Society accreditation in the field of property law and nominated last year for conveyancer of the year (Sunday Times EEA Awards). Regardless of the value or complications we can help you through the transaction process.

What Should a Landlord’s Solicitor Do?

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Offering a lease to a new tenant poses a number of issues that must carefully be considered alongside an experienced commercial property lawyer. What happens if the tenant does not look after the property? How will the rent review provisions work? Is the tenant financial stable? Should there be a rent deposit put in place… and so on… A good property solicitor will advise you on these issues and more. To get an understanding of the steps involved when negotiating a lease, click here to see ‘What should a landlord’s solicitor do?’

What should a Tenant’s Solicitor Do?

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When negotiating a lease, do not underestimate the need for a proficiently skilled commercial property lawyer. We understand the complexities involved and will guide you as to the process. Given it takes an average 10-12 hours to complete on a lease negotiation matter (and that’s if matters run smoothly) understanding the various steps in more detail is critical. Click here to see ‘What should a tenant’s solicitor do?’

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