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Divorce – can you do it yourself?

Divorce Solicitor in London

Saracens Solicitors are here to help when you need legal support in your life. There are some processes that people look at and wonder if they can cut costs and complications by doing the work themselves. Divorce is one of […]

Moving on – what you can look forward to

Divorce Solicitor in London

Moving on – to begin with, it might be harder than it sounds. Some healing only takes place over time. However, even early in the process, you can lay the foundations for the possibility of moving on when you are […]

Your global divorce solicitor in London

Divorce Solicitor in London

Based in the internationally-renowned city of London, here at Saracens Solicitors, we have an eye on the world. We don’t only help UK nationals; our clients are from all over the globe. This includes divorcing couples from outside the EU […]

Ending a civil partnership

Divorce Solicitor in London

You’d think that ending a civil partnership would be pretty much the same process as that of ending a marriage, but in fact, it’s more complicated. To end a civil partnership, the civil partners have to go through a process […]

The Hidden Side Of Domestic Violence – Economic Abuse

A recent article in the Guardian told the chilling story of a woman who had suffered financial violence at the hands of her husband.  Emma (not her real name), who had a successful career as a real estate agent, was […]

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