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Divorce Solicitor London

How can we help you through a divorce?

At Saracens Solicitors, we understand that divorce is a difficult enough process before you even consider the administrative tasks that need to be completed to give you the framework to get on with the rest of your life.

We have a compassionate and understanding team who will use their professional skills to get the best and most peaceful resolution for you. If you are looking for a divorce solicitor in London who can deal with UK-based marriages as well as those outside of the jurisdiction, Saracen Solicitors can help.

Divorce Solicitor London

The divorce process takes around four to six months to finalise if there are no major complications.

Finances and Assets

Separating finances and assets on divorce can be one of the more difficult processes. Both parties need to think of their financial future and money can be an emotionally loaded subject.

We can keep the process on track and professional, acting in concert with your partner’s solicitors. You do not have to interact with the other party if you do not want to. We take instruction from you and proceed accordingly. Many people find this to be the easiest way forward.


When you choose Saracens Solicitors as your divorce solicitor in London, we help you put your children’s needs first. We are part of an organisation called Resolution which is a group of lawyers who are committed to non-confrontational solutions during separations.

We simplify the divorce process for you as much as possible and listen to your needs so that we can do our best to meet them. In our experience, the smoother the transition to separate lives, the easier it is to move on.

Why work with us?

Finding the right divorce solicitor in London can help to alleviate any anxiety you have about the process. It is natural to be apprehensive or overwhelmed if you are ending a relationship and know that there is a lot to resolve.

Saracens Solicitors have many years of experience dealing with a wide range of cases. We use this skill to create a personalised process for you to move through. We can take on much of the administrative and negotiation work, ensure you sign and fill in all the required information and keep you informed about the process.


Even though I live outside of London I was happy I chose Saracens to help me with my divorce matter. It was important that I had solicitors whom I could trust and would deal with my case properly and get me the desired outcome

Divorce Procedure

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Divorce follows a standard procedure and usually takes between 4-6 months to finalise. The process begins with the filing of a divorce petition and ends with the decree absolute which means that the divorce is official and each party is free to marry again if they wish. Consult our easy to understand chart detailing the process and contact our specialist family law team for comprehensive advice and assistance.

Grounds for Divorce

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There are five grounds under which you can sue for divorce. 1) Adultery; 2) Unreasonable or Intolerable behaviour; 3) Desertion for at least 2 years; 4) Separation for more than 2 years with an intention to divorce or 5) Separation for more than 5 years. For a divorce solicitor London, contact our family law specialists to see which ground applies to your situation and we will advise you of the next steps to take accordingly.

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Divorce and Family Law
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