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Left Out In The Cold – How To Obtain A Freezing Order

Freezing order

Left Out In The Cold – How To Obtain A Freezing Order Prior to her marriage ending, Sylvia* had never heard of a freezing order, let alone a section 37 injunction application.  Happily married, living in a beautiful home in […]

All About Resolution Family Law

resolution family law

All About Resolution- Family Law An Interview With Our Family Solicitor, Farzana Naz We discuss today Resolution family law. Is it possible to have a good divorce?  We think so.  Harsh, needlessly aggressive divorce negotiations make for good TV drama, […]

When the Hague Convention Cannot Help

hague convention

When The Hague Convention Cannot Help There are countries which are not members of The Hague Convention, some parents face the difficult fight to have children returned. In 2010, Sean Felton made headlines across the world when he launched a […]

Ex-Premier League Footballer Pays A High Price For A Short Marriage

Gavel and British Money

A judge has ordered an ex-premier league footballer to pay £200,000 per year in maintenance to his former wife. At the outset, this may seem entirely reasonable.  He is a high-earning football star, she a beautician. However, here is the […]

All’s Fair In Love And……Divorce

penguin homewrecker

Twitter is in a flap over the so-called homewrecker penguin video.  It shows a male penguin coming home to find he is not only being cuckolded by his wife, but despite engaging in a bloody battle that dispels any warm […]

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