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Protecting Your Interests If a Commercial Tenant Goes Bust

Closed Shop

When BHS collapsed earlier this year, most of the concern was centred on the 11,000 employees who lost their jobs and potentially their pensions. But they were not the only victims of Britain’s biggest high store liquidation since Woolworths in […]

Puttin’ on the Ritz

Who hasn’t dreamed of running a hotel or Bed & Breakfast (B&B) at some stage in their life?  The idea of being your own boss, having flexible hours, residing in the country or by the sea, alongside meeting interesting people […]

A Floody Mess – Protecting Your Property From Flooding

Bench Flood

Flood damage is messy and devastating.  It leaves family memories and treasured possessions sodden and ruined.  The worst thing to say to a person affected by a natural disaster is; “it’s only stuff”.  Maybe so, but it’s my stuff, my […]

Top Tips For Tenants Negotiating A Commercial Lease

Finally, you have secured the perfect building / office / factory / warehouse.  No doubt this has taken you months of work.  But your work is not over just yet.  It is imperative that you negotiate favourable terms in the […]

A Step by Step Guide to Purchasing a Commercial Property at Auction

In 2014, the value of the UK commercial property sector rose 15%, to £787 billion. According to the British Property Federation’s Property Data Report 2015, this growth was driven by investors being willing to pay more for a given rent, […]

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