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Sharing the Love – Your Guide To Correctly Distributing Your Company’s Profits

Company Distribute

The ultimate aim of a company is to make a profit.  Of course, company directors and entrepreneurs are driven by more than money.  They want to ensure that their products and/or services improve people’s lives for the better.  They may […]

Trump, Brexit and the Rise of Infrastructure Investment


Both Brexiteers and Donald Trump won their battles by promoting nationalism.  Statements and claims were made by supporters and leaders of both campaigns that would have been unimaginable in the politically-correct world we enjoyed a mere 18 months ago. Many […]

Top Tips On How to Launch a New Product

On Friday, 16th September 2016, Apple launched the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus in 28 different countries.  However, most people who planned on buying the much anticipated new version of the iPhone were left disappointed – it had […]

Can’t Buy Me Love

High-Net Worth Online Dating Agency Rip-offs Bankers, CEOs, even us lawyers, often struggle to meet anyone special.  Working 80 -100 hours a week and constant travel often means entrepreneurs, executives and other high-net worth individuals have little spare time for […]

Online GP Services – The Way Forward for Doctors and Patients?

Channel 4 News ran a story this week on Dr Helen Webberley, a GP in North Wales who runs a private clinic for transgender patients.  Interestingly, no patients were seen sitting physically in her surgery during the report, instead, she […]

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