Please be aware that a fraudster using the name ‘Martin Edwards’ has been masquerading as Saracens Solicitors Debt Recovery (based in Luton) and has unlawfully threatened to seize goods from members of the public for purported unpaid debts.

We would like to warn members of the public against paying money or revealing any personal information to them.

Please note that no such company exists nor is it connected to Saracens Solicitors in any way. Our Debt Recovery department is not based in Luton and nobody by the name of Martin Edwards works for Saracens Solicitors.

Members of the public receiving calls from Saracens Solicitors Debt Recovery based in Luton, “Martin Edwards” or somebody going by a different name in similar circumstances, should immediately call us on 020 3588 3525 to notify our Risk Manager, and also report the matter to the Police and Action Fraud.

You may also wish to notify the Solicitors Regulation Authority. We confirm having reported this incident already.

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