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Are You Ready To Launch Your Start-Up In 2018?

Thanks to the internet, the opportunities for going out on your own and starting a business are endless.  Sectors tipped for big growth in 2018 include advertising and marketing, construction, and technology[1]. There has been a rapid rise in self-employment […]

The Essentials of Compliance for Charities

The Essentials of Compliance for Charities

Allegations of serious sexual misconduct have hit the charities sector hard. The crises in the charity sector began in early February, with allegations that senior Oxfam staff had engaged the services of sex workers in Haiti, while supporting locals following […]

GDPR Preparation – The Ultimate Guide For SMEs

GDPR Preparation – The Ultimate Guide For SMEs

In less than three months the General Data Protection Regulation  (“GDPR”) comes into force. On 25th May 2018, any business, charity or organisation which holds personal identifiable information must be fully compliant with the GDPR principles or face severe financial […]

Giving Up The Ghost – Your Guide To Phantom Shares

Being able to offer substantial remuneration packages is essential to attract the best and the brightest, especially for pivotal management roles. One way you can achieve this is by creating a phantom share option plan, otherwise known as an incentive […]

Get It On Paper – Written Resolutions In Company Law

One of the most common images that comes to mind when thinking about how a company makes decisions is of a group of individuals huddled around a boardroom table. Although many companies still prefer to decisions this way, companies are […]

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