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Get It On Paper – Written Resolutions In Company Law

One of the most common images that comes to mind when thinking about how a company makes decisions is of a group of individuals huddled around a boardroom table. Although many companies still prefer to decisions this way, companies are […]

How A Director’s Service Agreement Can Be Good For Business

Few roles are as varied as that of a company director.  Often, especially in small companies or start-ups, they fill the role of director, shareholder, and employee.  But crucially, the power they wield, and responsibility they hold can make or […]

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do; How To Amicably End A Business Partnership

In the beginning, a business relationship can be a lot like a romantic relationship, if you take out the….well, I am sure you know which part I am talking about. You meet someone or a group of someone’s, who truly […]

Your Guide to Transferring Your Business

Your Guide to Transferring Your Business

TUPE Obligations When Transferring Your Business A Guide For Buyers and Sellers Taking the leap into buying your own business takes a tremendous amount of confidence and knowledge.  A little luck never goes astray either.  If you have decided self-employment […]

Are You Ready To Launch Your Start-Up In 2018?

Thanks to the internet, the opportunities for going out on your own and starting a business are endless.  Sectors tipped for big growth in 2018 include advertising and marketing, construction, and technology[1]. There has been a rapid rise in self-employment […]

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