Nishtar Saleem

Telephone: 020 3588 3524

Nishtar is a co-founder and director of Saracens.

A graduate of University College London, Nishtar is an expert in litigation, disputes & contentious law. He deals with actual problems and not just their symptoms: He has been likened to a legal grizzly bear – Attentive, strong and just a little terrifying!

By the time Nishtar emerged from private practice to set up Saracens with Fraz in 2005, he had already been involved in a number of ground-breaking legal cases including the Macpherson Enquiry that followed the murder of Stephen Lawrence.

Heading off a team of lawyers specialising in national & international dispute resolution and enjoying a particular niche in defamation law, Nishtar is known for his creativity, control and determination.

In his own words, he likes to ‘open doors that lead to interesting places’. These doors have led him to act for celebrity clients, government officials, corporations, international charities, sports stars and high net worth individuals.

“Everyday, I face challenges that force me to be responsive, energetic and inventive. This makes me grow as a person and as a lawyer. Why? Because I love the work, I love the people and I want to make a difference.”

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