Minal Popat

Telephone: 0203 588 3530
Email: mpopat@saracenssolicitors.co.uk

What is it about Saracens that makes it special for you?

Saracens is a delightful firm with a mission and where everyone is committed to the overall success of the practice and there is recognition for the contribution each person makes. It has a close-knit friendly environment with a sense of connection within a thriving professional environment where things are “happening” not just in terms of achieving the outcomes for our clients, but there is also a holistic approach towards growth within the firm which includes a caring approach to the communities around us which is reflected in the charitable work the firm does. It’s about the people and the teams, from the Directors and Management, right the way through to all the support staff.

What’s been your most memorable case to date?

Each case is memorable in its own way. The most memorable one is where ten co-claimants were involved when my client’s ex-husband who was a wealthy businessman died in a fatal accident. The estate was of a very significant sum and a complicated forensic accounting exercise was involved which required burning the midnight oil and ploughing through hundreds of files of papers. I had a successful outcome! The case involved an interesting point of law on whether a dependency claim could be made by a former spouse when the claimant and the deceased were in the process of a contested divorce settlement at the time of the fatal accident, in which income and assets were in dispute.

What makes you stand out above the other personal injury lawyers out there?

I believe it is the empathy that I show towards my clients which makes a difference to them. I provide them with practical advice in a way that is easily understood without using complicated legal language. I care about my clients’ needs and love being able to participate in resolving people’s problems. I stand out because I make myself adaptable and have a flexible approach to problems solving.

What motivates you?

To me, Law is my vocation and a motivation in itself. I get the opportunity to take ideas and apply the law and make solutions a reality for people. I also get to inspire others and am passionate about what I do. Building on from successes of cases motivates me to take on more challenging ones.

What is your greatest achievement?

Becoming a Partner at my last practice, and building a thriving Personal Injury Department from scratch in my present Practice whilst running difficult and unusual cases at the same time as managing a team.

If you won the lottery right now, what’s the first thing you would buy?

A top of the range DSLR camera and equipment to take along with me on my trip around the world!

Tell us your best joke…

A lawyer has just settled down in his new office. He is thinking what can he do to have new clients.

After a long time thinking and waiting, a man comes into the office.

The lawyer decided to impress to make his new plan take action.

He picks up the phone and says …”Unfortunately Ms James, I cannot undertake your case right now. I am fully booked at the moment.  Do call me next month to see if I can help you…”

He puts the phone down and says to the waiting man” How can I help you sir?”

“Nothing really, I am from the telephone communications service, I just came to connect your phone”.

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