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Freedom of Speech – How Whistleblowers in the NHS are Now Protected

Public confidence in the NHS is vital.  It is an institution that the British public are proud of – and rightly so.  Doctors, nurses and other health professionals, not to mention thousands of administrative staff do a tremendous job of […]

Your Introductory Guide to Selling a Pharmacy

Selling a business is no walk in the park, especially if you are dealing with a pharmacy. Alongside the basic requirements for a sale of business, pharmacy sales must comply with its own specialised regulatory requirements. It is important familiarise […]

Purchasing a Dental Practice – Recent Developments You Need To Know About

Healthcare - Dental Practices

Purchasing a Dental Practice – Recent Developments You Need To Know About In June 2012, I wrote a blog post which covered the legal issues surrounding the purchasing of a dental practice.  You can view the post here. In 2013, […]

Associate agreements: Bridging the gap between principals and performers

Associate Dentist Agreements

A recent pattern we have seen emerging in practice sales / purchases is the number of principals engaging their associate dentists without having a written contract in place. Many performers have joined practices on the basis of verbal assurances provided […]

Becoming a drug dealer, the legal way | Healthcare | Commercial Law

  Opening a pharmacy is often what most pharmacists seek to achieve; a life ambition. But all too frequently it is a bad case of pre-pharmacy jitters that prevents pharmacists from getting the ball rolling. Opening a pharmacy can be […]

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