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Not In My Name! Trademarking Names, Words and Phrases

trademarking, trademark

Trademarking – What do President Donald Trump, Cheryl, Beyonce and Jay Z and a 9/11 hero widow have in common? They have all successfully trademarked a name, word or phrase. United States President-elect, Donald Trump has registered the phrase, make […]

The ABCs of Ts&Cs When Setting Up An Online Business


The ABCs of Ts & Cs When Setting Up An Online Business It might not be the most riveting part of starting an online business but when it comes to ensuring you get paid and do not encounter a cash […]

Sharing the Love – Your Guide To Correctly Distributing Your Company’s Profits

Company Distribute

The ultimate aim of a company is to make a profit.  Of course, company directors and entrepreneurs are driven by more than money.  They want to ensure that their products and/or services improve people’s lives for the better.  They may […]

Four Killer Tips To Ensure The Sale of Your Business Goes Smoothly

Selling your business is one of the most valuable commercial transactions you will ever enter into, not only in terms of sterling, but in terms of letting go of an enterprise that you may have built from the ground up. […]

The Importance of Having a Properly Drafted Partnership Deed

Partnerships are one of the many forms of business vehicles available to those looking to go into business with others. It is common for partnerships to be formed at a time when there are significant financial outlays of starting a […]

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