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Finance involves the movement of money in different ways. The forms this money can take varies, from cash to option contracts. This movement and methodology must take place swiftly. However, there are a number of different interests at stake with different levels of expertise. For this reason, it is vital Financial Law Services are in place to promote and protect these interests.

Financial Law Services must ensure that the movement of money is transparent. Financial Law Services must also ensure that full information is given for the many different forms this money can take. This will serve to ensure full confidence in the financial system and ensure that matters move even quicker in light of the full information provided.

Despite the above being ordained by Financial Law Services, markets are often unpredictable. This can lead to losses which in turn can raise doubts over the stability of the market. For this reason also, Financial Law Services must regulate finance to ensure it runs smoothly.

As well as the above, Financial Law Services must provide what can be done with certain methods of money. For example the rights which attach to them. It is essential that this is provided for in detail by Financial Law Services to ensure certainty. It will also ensure that  rights are not abused to the detriment of others which can also contribute to a lack of confidence in the financial system.

Continued maintenance of confidence by the public in the financial system is crucial. This can only be maintained by the continuous flow of information. Again it is vital that Financial Law Services make provision for this. This will allow the public to protect their investments and also encourage further investment.

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