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Financial law services and Insolvency-Debt

The management of debt is important to all businesses and providers of financial law services.

In the current economic climate, where the risk of insolvency is higher, financial law service providers need to anticipate trends and take advantage of their full skill set. Many businesses including those offering financial law services have downsized, whilst others have been unable to manage their debts and entered into voluntary arrangements. Providers of financial law services have remained strong overall and mergers between the two sectors are now more likely with the introduction of Alternative Business Structures. Businesses offering financial law services can combine the legal expertise required for debt recovery and enforcement with the financial and insolvency expertise needed for the various insolvency procedures.

Our extensive experience in insolvency litigation means you have the best chance of getting to your debtors assets before they are dissipated or recovered by other creditors. We can offer our legal expertise on insolvency procedures and direct you to any other required providers of financial law services if necessary

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