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How can AMLR be improved – Do financial law services place too much onus on the lawyer?

Due diligence describes the process by which businesses providing financial law services check the identity and background of existing and new customers. High quality due diligence requires careful and persistent effort by financial law service providers to carry out these checks. By […]

Do financial law services permit a solicitor to offer financial or investment advice?

Law firms must always act in the best interests of their clients. This means solicitors must refer their clients to independent financial advisors for investment advice. All forms of investment in the UK are now regulated by the FSA or Financial […]

Financial law services and FCA disciplinary procedures

There are four objectives that are required to achieve by the FCA: The Financial Law Services should maintain confidence in the UK financial system The Financial Law Services should also promote public understanding of the financial system The Financial Law […]

Asset Financing and Financial Law Services

Asset Financing is that instrument of borrowing in which the borrower pledges one/portion of its balance sheet assets like inventory, short term investments, accounts receivables, etc. to obtain a loan from the lender. This practical is different from regular debt […]

Law and financial law services

Finance involves the movement of money in different ways. The forms this money can take varies, from cash to option contracts. This movement and methodology must take place swiftly. However, there are a number of different interests at stake with […]

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