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Financial law services and FCA disciplinary procedures

There are four objectives that are required to achieve by the FCA: The Financial Law Services should maintain confidence in the UK financial system The Financial Law Services should also promote public understanding of the financial system The Financial Law […]

Financial law services Fund Scheme

In the financial law services sector if a firm stops trading consumers have recourse to claim compensation from the financial services fund scheme. The finance services fund scheme is independent of the government and the financial industry, and were set […]

Comment on the FSMA – is it fit to regulate financial law services?

The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA 2000 regulates and authorises members of the regulated sector which include banks, building societies,  etc. Indeed it is the Financial Services Authority (FSA) who keeps an eye over non financial and financial law services […]

Financial law services and applying for FCA regulation/authorisation

Financial law services falls under the Financial Services and Markets Act which is a regulatory act that monitors all of the regulated financial law services in the UK. Anyone carrying out regulated financial activities in the UK must be authorised […]

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