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Married to a wealthy partner and want a divorce?

I got a call last week from a worried but well-spoken young lady needing help in getting a divorce. Determined, but scared about what would happen if she made the first move, we discussed her partner, a wealthy businessman who […]

Building a relationship with your divorce lawyer

Divorce Solicitor in London

Divorce lawyers are specialists in family law. It may not be appropriate to use a solicitor that you used for something else, like your house sale, although there are firms who handle many different kinds of cases. If you want […]

All About Resolution Family Law

resolution family law

All About Resolution- Family Law An Interview With Our Family Solicitor, Farzana Naz We discuss today Resolution family law. Is it possible to have a good divorce?  We think so.  Harsh, needlessly aggressive divorce negotiations make for good TV drama, […]

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